Lauren V. Allen is a visual creative focused on food, travel + culture photography who also loves to immerse herself in video + virtual reality. She is a perpetual lover of traditions, edibles, people and the crossroads where they collide to create a visual story. Her eclectic mix of documentary + fine art photography invoke nostalgia while stirring together simple, organic storytelling images welcoming you into a genuine + authentic experience.

She grew up traveling the world as a Mexican-American child of the Air Force. With family roots in South Texas, she was raised among military officers, music-makers, and photographers. She started traveling the globe at a young age, which instilled within her a sense of cultural appreciation and wanderlust, as she collected stories, memories, and photographs of the many places she called home.

After her family finally settled in North Carolina, Lauren attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she studied photojournalism, darkroom photography, and art history. She was a photo editor at The Daily Tar Heel and worked + interned at studios + local publications. She focused her love of storytelling by documenting family farmers, cultural dance, community hubs, and the sustainable food movement. After college, she taught darkroom photography at a local high school, where her style and artistry developed as she came to appreciate the jazz-like flaws on her negatives shot through her heirloom Nikon FM. 

She has won awards from SXSW, CPOY, and UNC's 37th Frame in addition to attending Mountain Workshops and the Carolina Photojournalism Workshop. She also leads photography workshops at School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC.

Lauren lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with her husband, Jerry, and her sassy dog, Eloise. She loves a quality coffee shop, exploring the South's best restaurants and antique shops, Sunday morning runs, and any traveling adventure at golden hour.