A Corpus Christmas (pt. 2)

Part two of my Christmas series. The party is just getting started in these shots.

Paul Salinas (officially, some sort of cousin, but unofficially an uncle) listens closely with his musical ear to Leila's new upright bass as he plucks away.

Christian Lopez (real cousin) sings his eclectic heart out to Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" while rocking away on our grandma's rocking chair. This song became a favorite between Wyatt and Christian. A new "traditional" song? I think so.

Debuting at his first Corpus Christmas, baby Ivan steals the show on the tambourines. He certainly stole the show with Mom, Paula, and the chihuahua.

And then, Ivan discovered the puppy chow. The ragamuffins dubbed it "baby crack" as Ivan piled it up on Grandma's glass coffee table. Hopefully we will see more of Ivan, Sasha, and Sergio at Christmas. It's always fun having little ones around.