A Corpus Christmas (pt. 3)

In lieu of Grandpa Flores showing up to the celebration of baby Jesus at 5:15 a.m. (it's getting later and later every year), Stevie Salinas brought his karaoke machine which led to George Strait, Tejano music, "Because I Got High," and Backstreet Boys (Mexican style).

Paula, Mom, Paul Palacios, and Stevie sit on the infamous leather couch as Stevie shows off his karaoke machine. I'm going to assume Mom and Paul P. think Stevie is crazy.

"Where is the real music?" Grandma inquired as she entered the living room. The real music typically includes "Carabina Treinta Treinta," "Ay, Jalisco" and "Cielito Lindo" instead of the karaoke version of "Because I Got High."

No matter what, Tio Oscar is always at every family event. He's quiet, stealthy, and always has a distinct look on his face. Through the karaoke singing fools, Tio Oscar sits quietly, sipping his beer.

Ironically enough, for most of these people, all their exes live in Texas. George Strait quickly became a favorite of the ragamuffins and Mom.

p.s. This series will definitely be longer than 3 parts.