A Corpus Christmas (pt. 4)

On the 26th of December, the family held a memorial for my cousin Sergio. He was full of life and a beautiful person who always made others smile. His lively soul loved fun foods, family, and Cielito Lindo.

Angela and Paul S. set up some pictures, memory books, and Facebook wall posts dedicated to Sergio.

Long red nails and red lipstick epitomize my Grandma. Here, she is talking to, not scolding, Marissa and Vinnie. Her finger merely adds to whatever she is talking about.

With wrinkles of the wise and an unforgettable cowboy hat, Grandpa takes a break from singing to listen to the many other family musicians.

Not only do we have a family full of musicians, but a family full of artists. Paul P. uses his vintage polaroid as his everyday camera to capture genuine pictures of friends and family.