A Corpus Christmas (pt. 5)

So here it is. The final (and 5th) installment of "A Corpus Christmas." I hope I have successfully taken you on a journey with my crazy Mexican family and how we celebrate Christmas, baby Jesus, and most importantly, life.

With strong lungs, Grandpa (always seen with his cowboy hat, boots, and guitar) powers through a song with Leila on the bass. Although not as tall as you may think, his confidence makes him tower like a skyscraper.

Tia Elsie, Mom, Sergio P., and Christian look on and sing as Grandpa leads the family in traditional rancheros. I believe this lively crowd was singing "Carabina Treinta Treinta."

As the Palacios Boys and the other ragamuffins sing "Jalisco," it is family tradition to throw corn tortillas at them. Partly because it's fun, and partly because they are drunk and tone deaf. This shot includes Grandpa's sleek, black cowboy boots and crushed tortillas.

Sergio Andres Flores lived a hard life, but was always able to love and to make people smile. This rockstar is now in heaven walking, running, and moshing all over the place. You'll forever be in our hearts.