Hill Country's Greatest Vied's (pt. 1)

It has been about a month since New Year's, but photographs can never be too late when they deal with family. New Year's happened about 2 hours north of Corpus Christi in the hill country of Texas. The decade's final sunset was absolutely glorious, especially with the oddity of a landed sail boat, a few familiar faces, and a good game of Mexican Train.

Auntie Esther (I hope this makes her feel old) sits on the edge of Uncle Joe's infamous sail boat in a New Year's Eve sunset. This boat has had it's fair share of traveling along the Atlantic and Gulf Coast and currently resides in the deer-ridden hills of Texas.

Nothing, in my opinion, makes for better pictures than rusty farm equipment, dead grass from a year without rain, and awesome clouds.

Ham sandwiches, Coca-Cola and Shiner graced the table New Year's Eve. Aunt Liz, Uncle Joe and Aunt Paula were clearly enjoying the table's conversation in which a few drinks probably made it very interesting.

Uncle Joe and Mom talked for hour's at the quilting table, which turned into a makeshift hors d'oeuvre bar for the night. I love how it seems they are in a staring contest, when really, they are avoiding the topic of politics.