Hill Country's Greatest Vied's (pt. 2)

As the night trickled on, firecrackers were shot, sparklers were lit, and champagne glasses were used as eye glasses. Thankfully, San Antonio got some rain so it was wet enough to actually light explosives rather than dream about the idea.

The lighting from the garage and the beautiful purple and orange sky made Wyatt look like a martian. Because of is ADHD tendencies and inability to sit still, we took this picture at least 25 times before we finally got an acceptable shot.

This was the New Year's Eve finale. This roman candle was a little wild so Dad decided to tame it like a lion, after he ran around acting as if it was the Olympic torch.

While preparing the midnight toast, Grandpa Charlie took the champagne glasses and used them as a kaleidoscope. They worked pretty well and made him look like a glass bug for a minute.

The family is gathered around Uncle Joe's living room watching the San Antonio news count down to midnight. Happy New Year!