Happy 4th on the 9th.

This year, the fourth of July was celebrated on Sullivan's Island, which is slightly north of Charleston, South Carolina. Nothing beats fireworks from the north and south. And nothing certainly beats good ol' American s'mores  on a good ol' American holiday.

An American flag flies near 3123 Marshall on Sullivan's Island. The sunsets along the South Carolina coast were beautiful every night and the 4th of July was no exception.

After a lovely steak dinner grilled entirely by Jerry, we brought out the marshmallows and skewers to toast (and burn) what was going into our s'mores.

Oh my, s'mores!

Tess chowing down on her s'more that was dripping melted Hershey's chocolate. The s'mores were a hit and now I'm wishing for more.

We watched the fireworks from Charleston and Isle of Palms this year. That makes two shows in one night and they were all beautiful! This extra-large red, white and blue jaw-dropper was from Charleston.