one light.

After a much relaxing/hectic winter break, I've started up in my studio photography class. Let's just say...SO.MUCH.FUN. Our first assignment was with one light. It was simple, artistic (thumbs up for creativity!), and quite the adventure with Stephen Mitchell.


This shot included climbing up the fire escape outside some crumbling building on campus, then shooting with a total of 3 people on a platform of about 2 ft. x 3 ft. It was scary (I have a fear of stairs), wobbly and cold but led to some absolutely beautiful shots of the lovely Erin Hull. I used an off-camera flash with a warming gel as my one light.


This shot, taken in the laundry room of Old West, was a fun and very dark shoot. I used no other light than the ambient light from the LED path lights in McCorkle Place, as it shined through mini-blinds. Also, shooting in almost complete darkness with a manual focus lens is quite difficult and I feel lucky to have at least one in focus! Also, major props to Erin for putting up with trial runs, popping flashes and anything else.