all things old.

Fashion was my latest assignment for my studio class. I LOVED the creativity I was able to have with this assignment. I went for a vintage, Anthropologie, and an aspiring Annie Leibovitz look and to complete that, I needed a ridiculously beautiful condemned-esque house. I'm one who appreciates decaying textures of a broken building and fantasize about what it was like back in it's prime. My search started in Chapel Hill at a beautiful condemned house and ended in Pikeville across from the Nahunta Pork Center. Mixed with a lacy black dress, a fur shall, and a sea foam green room, my shoot was complete!

Tess was such a trooper climbing through briars and broken glass to get some of these shots. I absolutely love how her eyes match the glass and the room behind her.


I fell in love with this shot after I chimped my LCD. The soft hues and seamless blending remind me of an oil painting (note: currently in a northern renaissance art history course and in love with Jan van Eyck). It also reminded me of, and this is a complete long shot and I am in no way comparing my photography to her's, Annie Leibovitz's soft light portraits of the Queen of England.


This last shot was another favorite of mine mainly because I used the sun as a giant light source. I was able to naturally wash out the scene and get an airy and soft feel to the color of this shot.  Also, the similarities in texture between the wood and the fur make this shot warm and inviting despite the house being a rather sketchy place.