wyatt! wyatt! wyatt!

It's 2011 and in a couple weeks, my brother graduates from high school. Over the spring, I shot his senior portraits, which were not only frustrating, because he's my little brother, but one of the most entertaining shoots I've ever done, because he's my little brother. So we traversed downtown Goldsboro for the vintage he wanted with his guitar, amp, old wooden chair, and Big Ug (his giant, paint-chipped 1993 suburban).  Nevertheless, CONGRATULATIONS, you are growing up and getting old, Wyatt! Here is an extra long blog post for you!

Elect Wyatt...for (fill in the blank).

This shot is one of my favorite. It's just super clean. Same with the first shot, it's just goofy and screams Wyatt.

Lots more portrait shoots to come! Happy Graduation & Happy Summer!