pre-visualization & a self-portrait.

Pre-visualization:  "the importance of imagining, in your mind's eye, what you - as a "photographer" (not just a snapshooter) - want the final print to reveal about a subject (and to communicate of your artistic vision)," according to Ansel Adams and this photo blog.

Well, I did it. I let pre-visualization get the best of me.

For those who are aware of what I've been up to with my documentary piece, you know it's been a turbulent ride full of access problems and idea conceptualizing. Basically, my original vision, my pre-visualization as you could say, got the best of me. I was so wrapped up in my brain's film reel, I couldn't see reality. And reality sucks. So tonight, I've sadly resorted to Photo Booth for a webcam self-portrait to capture a wish and have gone back to the drawing board for a new outlook on my documentary.


Thanks to the video above, my loved ones, friends and Pat, HOPEFULLY, I'll get back to being a #badass #fotoninja by Christmas.