Jerry's White Coat Ceremony

whitecoat dip3 Well, let's just say I couldn't be more proud of my husband! Many hours of studying, stress, and prayers have gone into this jacket and he completely deserves it! The White Coat symbolizes the transition of pre-clinical studies to clinical studies (Yes, he will have patients in a month! Eek! ) and to serve as a humbling reminder that he & his classmates are responsible for the oral health of North Carolina & beyond. This milestone means he can start earning the trust of patients as he takes care of their pearly whites! I couldn't be more thankful to have such a determined, smart, and ambitious partner in crime! Here's to 3 more years of friends, family, hours of studying, & teeth!



So many pictures were taken of these UNC Dental kids!


That's one proud Momma...


...and Dad!


Instagramming that white coat!


whitecoat dip2

Great friends help the world go 'round!


I love you & I'm so proud of you! :)