photo classes: personal projects

For my last studio project with my intermediate & proficient students, we decided to do personal projects. They had to develop something that was deep and meaningful to them. They also had to use at least one extra medium or technique. These projects came out awesome! I'm so proud of the work they did this semester & these projects show their skill, but also their personalities. Here are some of the best!  

A Family Album-By Shadell Lowe, 10th grade


Freedom-by Rachel Gilbert, 12th grade

photo 3 (1)i



Mom & Dad- by Ashlyn Scoggins, 10th grade

photo 5i



Confetti-by Stephanie Gilbert, 12th grade

photo 2 (1)i



Beauty is Life- by Jalisa Reed, 11th grade

photo 1i



Family Connections-by Rebecca Andrews, 11th grade


photo 3i



Class Clown-by Dominic Taylor, 10th grade

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Past, Present, & Future- by Andrea Thaxton, 12th grade

photo 2i



Heart Leaves- by Rosa Ramirez, 12th grade

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