warner | portraits | goldsboro, n.c.

Sometimes, time flies outrageously fast...like Warner growing up. One day, this little man was spitting up in my lap and the now he's leading horses around a pasture like a pro! I can't believe that he is already 5-years-old. I've been photographing him since he was in the womb, and from Halloween parties, 4th of July celebrations, + Easter Egg hunts Warner has become one of my best buddies + we always have A. LOT. OF. FUN! Needless to say, he's basically the coolest neighbor in the world. 

This year, Warner's love for horses spurred the inspiration for this session. He helped feed the horses, freshen their hay, lead them around the pasture, + get their reins on and off. His knowledge of horses at 5-years-old is outstanding. At one point, he looked at me while the horses were munching on grass and says, "Miss Lauren, did you know horses are herbivores?" He even knew what "herbivore" meant! He even asked great questions about how the horses wear their teeth down and whether or not it would be cold enough to let them wear their blankets for the night. Thanks for letting me photograph Warner the 5-year-old horse genius!