dueñas family trip | mexico 2015

Earlier in 2015, I posted some film shots (you can find them here, here, + here) from our crazy family trip to Mexico in June + July. As we explored the state of Jalisco while visiting family, hunting for Raicilla, + sipping too much tequila. This post however, is more about the moments, the music, + the expressions (ok, + our love of tequila). It's about meeting family that we had never met before, it's about the music that feeds our souls, and it's about being together. Something that I wish upon everyone this Christmas season. 

Video was the best way to document our adventure as if was full of music, color, + unforgettable experiences. Scroll through, enjoy the stills, and experience the three installments of our trip through these videos. 

Note: best viewed while sipping a glass of Reserva de Familia