best of 2015 | culture

Staying true to my culture, learning about it, and + exploring all its facets are an important part of my life + my work. Also, engrossing myself in cultures of others helps me develop an understanding of all walks of life. I'm extremely blessed to have traveled all over the Western Hemisphere this summer meeting people from the mountains of southwest Mexico to the streets of London to the hills of Lacoste, France. People + their customs are the lifeblood of our world. We learn from traveling, we learn from exploring, + we learn from immersing ourselves fully into what makes us uncomfortable. 

This year led me to push myself both photographically + cinematically. I always loved directing + producing video pieces, but I definitely forced myself to do more of it this year. Sometimes, I feel that video better explains cultures + customs than photographs, especially when they are lush with life.  I shot video in Mexico + in London (they are embedded below, too) and I am outrageously excited for the opportunities 2016 has in store for me! 

Here are some 2016 goals:

1. Shoot more conceptually

2. Get new magazine gigs

3. Break into the Texas/Dallas area food scene

4. Dabble deeper into virtual reality

5. Continue + finish up long term personal work

Again, to those who encouraged, double tapped, read my blog, + pushed me even when I felt like stopping, thank you. Y'all are my motivation + inspirations and mean the world to me. Cheers to 2016!