eller family | washington d.c.

I love this family, y'all! They are the sweetest, funniest, rambunctious (in the best way!), and most creative family around. This past summer, the Eller's moved up to Alexandria for a new job opportunity. I headed up there to do some family photos of them. We headed out to the National Mall in D.C. for a good American adventure of running in the grass + learning about our nation. 

Tabitha and I go way back to Northern High School where she interviewed a little ol' fresh college grad for the photography teacher position. She was sweet, kind-hearted, and goofy enough to instantly like her and surprisingly trusted me with the job! Over the last three years, I got to really know Tab + her family of boys. She wiped my tears + made me laugh when I thought the world was going to end. I watched her + Garrett raise Logan + Briscoe, and when Sully came along, I got to go welcome him to this world. This family, to say the least, is part of my family.