mi familia | puerto vallarta, jalisco, mexico

Jumping back a few days from my last post, Puerto Vallarta was our meeting point for the Dueñas crew where we were able to catch up amongst ourselves. We split our time between PV and our road trips, which gave us some time to recover in the pool after our rears took the brunt of many topes. The colors of PV were vivid and bright, the drinks were flowing, and the sweat never quit pouring. 

It was awesome to seem my brother in PV! He moved out of Goldsboro to Albuquerque at the very beginning of the year so instead of seeing this fool regularly, it's been quite a bit of time. I'm glad that we can still pick up where we left off, goof off, and still take total hipster shots in front of cool walls.


The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe lies in the center of Old Town. It is a rather neat little cathedral with a nugget of history for our family. Back when my great grandfather was traveling with his band, he came ill while on his tour. He left his trombone with the priest. My great grandfather was never able to return to get his beloved instrument before he passed. The priest held onto it for many years as one of the only worldly possessions he had, promising that it would get returned to my great grandfather, until he then passed as well. Our family is currently in the process of tracking down this trombone in Mexico, and hopefully one day, by the grace of God, it will appear.

Pacifico beer can shot by my dad on his Nikon FM, that I now use.

It really is amazing how wonderful family is. It's crazy, hectic, and loud, but the moments spent with each other truly make for experiences that we will remember. For us, it's about our culture, heritage, music and coming together to celebrate that as a family. A day never passes when there is some memory I recall that is tied to my crazy-talented and unforgettable family. 


These posts are dedicated to my Tío Noe, who kept the music alive, our hearts full of song, and our heads full of scary thoughts of La Llarona. I'm sure you and grandpa are playing guitars and singing your corridos from the clouds. You will be missed.