summer recap | pt. 3


  • I started the month shooting for Short Stack Editions Vol. 22 "Eggplant" and enjoyed every second of my nightshading lifestyle.
  • Ashlyn came to visit, of course, during the hottest week of the summer. We stayed cool inside a lot of art museums.
    • We went to The Modern in Fort Worth and then spent a whole day at the Dallas Museum of Art, where we got to see an extensive Irving Penn exhibit and Yoko Ono's bilingual "Imagine Peace Forever" installation which she created after the police shootings in July.
  • I shot popsicles during the hottest week of the summer. Even with AC on high power, a cool marble slab, and semi-frozen cookie sheet, it was a (beautiful) failure.
  • I shot at Heim BBQ in Fort Worth for Texas Monthly! Seriously though, best BBQ I've had in years. 
  • I spent the majority of the month working on the final installment of my Duke Kunshan University VR experience...I can't wait to share the final piece. 
  • Kaylyn + I started at Core Power Yoga. I love living near my BFF again...too many years apart from her was no bueno!
  • I put blogging off again...yet another month.


  • Where the hell did September go?
  • I started off the month watching my college roomie + BFF get MARRIED! In typical Laura style she got hitched in Vegas by Elvis to the handsome + chivalrous Taylor. I'm so happy she found such a beautiful love + is so happy!
  • I spent the first two weeks arduously tinkering away on my last DKU installment...again, can't wait to share it but it'll be a while still. Also, I officially took a break from staring at my iMac upon completion. She's getting a well-deserved break after working so hard her hard-drive died.
  • Kaylyn and I started sweating stress out at 6 am, twice a week at hot yoga.
  • I shot for Short Stack Editions Vol. 23 "Tahini" and had a grand time piping tahini into "sesame seeds" but am definitely currently tahini'd out. 
  • Wyatt + Joelle came to Dallas. We then went to San Antonio for my Great Uncle Dana's celebration of life. We saw my parents and all our San Antonio family! Ellie was oddly nice to everyone.
  • Jerry's family visited the third weekend in September, where we then indulged in Velvet Taco, Trompo, Rapscallion, and Remedy
  • Whoa. It's October. And still 90+ degrees. When did that happen?