LVAxDKU | zhouzhuang

When good fortune finally comes, no one can ever stop it.
— Ancient Chinese Proverb

Draped in glowing green willows and surrounded with beautiful vignettes, Zhouzhuang is an ancient water town in the Jiangsu Province. It is in fact, the oldest water town in all of China is over 900 years old. We grabbed some amazing footage of this ancient town and the people who keep this historical site alive.

Here are my thoughts about yesterday's trip:

  1. Eat pork shank-it's the local fare + saved for celebrations and visitors. But you can't escape it, because everywhere you look you'll see + smell it. 
  2. Many photos were taken of us because we are from the west. Although, carrying around 7 cameras doesn't help. VR is just an odd thing to shoot in towns. Mainly because it is an odd contraption. But it's all good because life is good.
  3. Kun Opera-beautiful to watch, not necessarily to your ears. The Kun Opera is the ancient original form of Chinese opera, which started in the Jiangsu Province. Even the locals do  not know what they are singing because it is an 'extinct' ancient dialect.
  4. Don't be afraid to get lost + explore here. The historical area is a tiny little village (not of 2 million people) and the locals are sweet + far better to interact with than the tourist traps. Who knows, maybe you'll join their game of checkers!