summer recap | pt. 1

Hey everyone! Summer has ended for most of you + I have not shared a thing (minus my instagram) with you guys. This summer has been one of change. We moved from NC to Texas, we've adjusted to post-dental school life, full-time freelance life, and Eloise, well, she's still a nut. 

Let's just say life, while full of so many things to be grateful for, became rather crazy. So via photos, and quick blurbs I'm going to go through our trials, tribulations, + exaltations of the summer of 2016. 


  • Jerry graduated dental school and is officially Dr. Allen. 
  • I finished the first installment of my Duke Kunshan University VR experience.
  • We ate our way through Paris.
  • I shot a story on sweet tea with the even-sweeter-than-sweet-tea Sheri Castle for The Local Palate.
  • We started packing up our humble apartment in Chapel Hill for the sweltering, cosmopolitan concrete jungle of Dallas.

P.S. There's a Youtube 360 video at the end of riding bikes through Paris if you want to see me acting like a fool.


June + July's adventure's are up next!