labor day holiday.

Over Labor Day weekend, I traveled to the land of golf-carts and mosquitos. Never traveling to Bald Head Island before, I got to see Old Baldy, eat Nye's Cream Sandwiches, and travel on a ferry from a marina that operated like an airport. We also came across a sand-o-pus, with criss-crossing tentacles might I add. I took a 35mm Nikon FM (still waiting to finish the roll) and my iPhone, in which I stuck with Instagram. Hoping to capture the feel of the island, I stuck with clean and simple shots.

sea fans and starfish

Hurrican Irene, which hit the N.C. coast the previous weekend had left a lot of interesting items on the beach. Sea fans, starfish, and driftwood were abundant, but so were sunglasses, goggles, and beer cans (keep the beach clean!).

seaweed antlers

We could even make antlers out of antler-like seaweed!

 As a lover of trees, I loved the all the crooked branches and trunks. Oh hey, Old Baldy! I officially think I've seen all the N.C. lighthouses now.

The dunes near The Shoals were beautiful and I've recently grown fond of the dune grass. I love how you can see the storm coming into shore as well.

And of course, when we got back to Goldsboro, it was time to celebrate Mom's birthday!

mom's birthday

Hope your Labor Day holiday was fabulous!

best of the herald-sun (pt.4)

Patrick Evans, Maggie Craig and her great-grandson, Zyaire Morris, eat lunch during the Meet Me at the Bridge street ministry next to the Hwy. 147 bridge on Blackwell Street on Saturday, July 16, 2011. The ministry provides food, donated clothing as well as a message to individuals in downtown Durham. Next Friday, the ministry will sleep outside CCB Plaza to raise homelessness awareness. (The Herald-Sun | Lauren A. Vied)

This final post includes some fun weekend assignments and some of my last assignments from the Herald-Sun. I got the opportunity to shoot a church that meets in a field by the Durham Bulls, Dino Days (I wanted to become a paleontologist after shooting) and a library rally for the children of Durham. I also got to shoot my first track meet on one of the hottest days of the summer when heat indexes were above 110 degrees. Each assignment was a rather large event in the middle of the day, so I learned quickly to deal with the harsh light  by looking for shadows and shade and if there was none, I just dealt with it, and sweat and bake in the summer sun.

Kaitlyn Rosefsky, 2, brushes sand off model dinosaur bones during Dino Days at the Museum of Life + Science in Durham on Sunday, July 17, 2007. (The Herald-Sun | Lauren A. Vied)

Lily Yoder waits anxiously while her grey balloon mouse is created during Durham Public Library's Summer Reading Pit Stop Rally on Saturday, July 16, 2011. Children received a free book from the Reading is Fundamental program as well as school supplies. There were games and booths set up for arts and crafts, bug eating, face paint and balloon animals. (The Herald-Sun | Lauren A. Vied)

Rakeyla Little, on Nadia, launches into the sand during her triple jump event at the 2011 R.E. Blunt East Coast Invitational at Wallace Wade Stadium at Duke University on Friday, July 22, 2011. (The Herald-Sun | Lauren A. Vied)

Zakkiyah Freeny prepares in the extreme heat for her 3000 meter run in the midget girls category at the 2011 R.E. Blunt East Coast Invitational at Wallace Wade Stadium at Duke University on Friday, July 22, 2011. (The Herald-Sun | Lauren A. Vied)

Overall, I learned a lot with this internship including all the best ways to navigate Durham. I met some genuine people who truly have  passion for their career and giving back to Durham in addition to visiting places I would have never ventured. A big thanks to Christine Nguyen and Bernard Thomas who made this internship the best part of my summer and taught me that experience is knowledge...even with all the heat features :)!



It has been way too long! Between finishing up furniture, packing for my junior year of college (I'm getting so old, sheesh), working at The Daily Tar Heel and shooting for class, I don't know where the last almost-2 months has gone. Phew! First photo project done and lots of media law to read, but figured a good few shots from some film I've had for a while would make a good 2 a.m. procrastination post!

The view from Everett during a gorgeous early spring sunset.

Nutella filled croissants in Rome.

The best grapes in the world are from this stand. Just watch out for the seeds. They get you every time.

I love this gate in Piazza Navona.

Best light in the world! And cute old guys in stripes.

Jerry not thrilled he is in a picture. Little does he know it's my favorite picture of him ever.

Dad's old camera manual. Look at that beard.

Some medium format from my Diana f+. Just some cool daisies.

Teething, perhaps?

You're upside down, Wyatt.

Mom's treasures from England.

Okay, well I had a hard time picking "just a few." Give me a break. It's 2:36 a.m.

Updates from cool projects soon...I promise!