allie russell: class of 2013

20130427_allen_allie-142i Meet Allie Russell. I'm so glad you are getting to meet her because she is truly a beautiful person. I remember meeting her on our first assignment for Blue & White magazine back in the day, then we worked countless hours working at the world's best college newspaper, The Daily Tar Heel, where she just finished up her last paper as Director of Visuals. She's got a great eye for photography & a killer eye for what looks good...her pinterest boards speak wonders, people. While Allie & I go way back, I couldn't have been happier to be asked to take her senior portraits! She is so fun to be around and had some awesome photo ideas, and while we couldn't find a field of flowers, she was game for laying in a flower bed in UNC's arboretum and then going to shoot in our favorite Franklin Street bar, Linda's. Good luck to you after graduation and at your internship at the Student Law Press Center! Can't wait for our delicious basket of cheese fries later!


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It has been way too long! Between finishing up furniture, packing for my junior year of college (I'm getting so old, sheesh), working at The Daily Tar Heel and shooting for class, I don't know where the last almost-2 months has gone. Phew! First photo project done and lots of media law to read, but figured a good few shots from some film I've had for a while would make a good 2 a.m. procrastination post!

The view from Everett during a gorgeous early spring sunset.

Nutella filled croissants in Rome.

The best grapes in the world are from this stand. Just watch out for the seeds. They get you every time.

I love this gate in Piazza Navona.

Best light in the world! And cute old guys in stripes.

Jerry not thrilled he is in a picture. Little does he know it's my favorite picture of him ever.

Dad's old camera manual. Look at that beard.

Some medium format from my Diana f+. Just some cool daisies.

Teething, perhaps?

You're upside down, Wyatt.

Mom's treasures from England.

Okay, well I had a hard time picking "just a few." Give me a break. It's 2:36 a.m.

Updates from cool projects soon...I promise!

He plays with fire for a living.

This year, I spent St. Patrick's Day at Locally Grown Art in Pittsboro, N.C. with Jonathan Davis. At 28, he's been making art from glass blowing and fire torching for eight years.

Jonathan blows a bubble of glass in front of his torch. This is the beginning of a wine glass bowl.

Here, Jonathan shapes the bowl with an iron tool. His blow torch gets up to 4,000 degrees, however, the studio was pretty cold because of his awesome ventilation system.

This picture makes me want to play with fire all day long. Here he spins the bowl to even out the imperfections in the glass.

Jonathan clamps of excess glass from a marble he made during my visit. This, unlike the wine glass bowl is solid glass.

Jonathan polishes the marble in a graphite tool that has a dimple for the marble to sit in.

The purple, carolina blue and orange marble at last! It was still a little hot to touch and could have shattered during the cooling process, but it survived!