england & ireland: pt. 1.



Hello lovely blog readers! It's been a good while, but alas, all photos & film from England & Ireland are edited, imaged, & ready for you to see. Sorry to those I made wait, but you don't have to anymore! This summer, I traveled abroad with Jerry's family after getting back from Texas the day before. Head's up, traveling 8,000 miles in 3 days is exhausting, but it was an experience that I wouldn't give up for anything!  Basically, London pounced on me this summer! Between the Jubilee & the Royal Baby, London was one crazy busy city in July that surprised me out of nowhere! Between school, graduation, Journalism Camp, then traveling to Texas, then back to NC, then overseas, I'm still not sure I've had a chance to take a breath since last summer, let alone be prepared to welcome a Royal Baby! Either way, I couldn't be more blessed to travel the world & take my cameras along with me.

For all you photo nerds out there, this summer, I stuck with my 3 best friends, my D800 & my dad's trusty ol' Nikon FM & my handy dandy iphone. I decided to try my hand at more color film this summer along with my black & white, so for all you film nerds out there, TMAX 400 & Fuji Pro 400h are what you'll see (although the pro 400h doesn't come in until Ireland).


Breakfast tea & dropped scones served in only the shiniest of silver at Browns Hotel.


Green Park & Harrods: two of my favorite London places to explore.


The days after the Jubilee, Carnaby Place stayed decorated in sequined Union Jacks.


Jubilee flags grace the streets of London.


From the top of the London Eye.


Anxiously awaiting the Royal Baby's grand entrance into the world!


The clock wall in the Kitchen Supplies section of Harrods.


Exploring the Supreme Court.



King's Cross Station...


...& then this happened (me, not Jerry)! Off to Hogwarts I go!!





More chocolate...Just can't ever get enough of this stuff. Followed by some night shots of the city!



20130804_allen_ireland-372i And if you want my play-by-play of the city, go head over to my instagram account, @viedfinder, to view these pictures in a not so tiny way! london insta dip

My day with Uncle Dana & Aunt Lin is up tomorrow! Get ready for some really awesome 900-year-old English pubs!

rdu baton: august 22, 2013.

This past thursday I was honored to hold the RDU Baton again! On my birthday in May, I held the baton for the first time and after meeting the lovely, Susannah Brinkley, at UNC's journalism camp this summer, she asked me to hold it again! I had such a blast with it on my first go-round, I took her up on the challenge! For those new to this, the RDU Baton is a collaborative Instagram project started by Susannah Brinkley & Brittany Iery that showcases the people, lives, and unique spots around North Carolina's Triangle! This day was a very busy one but came out awesome! photo 1

Sorry for the late morning post! I’m so honored to hold the baton for a 2nd time! Today is freshman orientation at Northern High School in The Bull City, where I teach photography & it’s been a crazy morning! Although I have lived in Chapel Hill for almost 6 years & am a proud Tar Heel myself, Durham is quickly finding a place in my heart! This is a picture of our school giraffe, Geoffrey! Stolen from an old putt-putt place as a senior prank, NHS bought Geoffrey and made his home the school courtyard. Art club paints him different every year so they went surreal with a Salvador Dalí mustache & zebra stripes. Photo by @viedfinder #durham #school

photo 2

I stopped today to pick up film from my recent trip to London & Ireland at my favorite camera shop, Southeastern. Tucked away by the farmer’s market in Carrboro, Southeastern is a “dinosaur” store that still offers a large variety of film, photo paper, vintage (and digital!) cameras, and they do specialty developing. The manager, Chris, runs a fantastic shop where photographers, beginning and professional, from all over the Triangle flock to for supplies. I started coming here in undergrad and still go today because of the friendly service, quick turnaround, and for the sake of supporting local businesses! #buylocal #carrboro #camera @SEC_Carrboro photo by @viedfinder

photo 3

My favorite coffee shop in the triangle is Cocoa Cinnamon in downtown Durham. Their coffee is delectable, their hot chocolate decadent, & their menu offers a huge array of hot and cold coffees! They also partner up with local bakeries to get the best sweet treats, like this chocolate lavender cheesecake! My brand new food & art blog, @treatswelovenc, was born here with the lovely @katiehatfield. Be on the lookout for some new upcoming posts, which have been postponed because of travel! @cocoacinnamon #coffee #durham photo by @viedfinder

photo 4

I recently took up the JV and assistant competition cheerleading coaching job & I love it! Our team is full of strong, beautiful, and intelligent young ladies & we are pumped for the 2013 football season. Catch us at our next home game next Friday at the Durham County Stadium! #goknights #northerncheer #durham photo by @viedfinder

photo 5

A student of mine introduced me to Pelican’s Sno-Cones last week on Roxboro Road, and so naturally, today’s hot weather just *forced* me to go grab a kiddie cone. My favorite flavor is the sugar-free sweet cherry (I know, I know, I’m one on those no-sugar-when-I-can-help-it people) but they have a huge menu of flavors! Some of which they claim to be “as dreamy as Zach Efron!” Haha, oh, Durham, you’re great! #durham photo by @viedfinder

photo 2

I figured I’d give y’all a preview of my scanned film. Its the first time in a while I’ve shot color film & the magic is still there. I chose a shameless selfie for this one but at least it has a shallow depth-of-field and pretty bokeh right?! If y’all want to see the rest you’ll have to check out my blog, viedfinder.com, to see the rest of this photographic adventure in England & Ireland! #shameless #selfie #chapelhill. Photo by @viedfinder

photo 1

Usually my evenings & weekends are the only time I have to work on my photography business. I recently finished a personal project, which was a short documentary about a dance camp for underprivileged Hispanic girls. Currently, I’m working on scanning film and editing digital photos from my recent trip to Ireland. And then at a certain point, my dog, Eloise, whines enough for me to go cuddle her to sleep. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventures of @jtmoore3! Peace, y’all! #adventuresofeloise #chapelhill photo by @viedfinder

I hope you enjoyed my day! If you want, RDU Baton is always looking for people to hold the account! Go sign up here!

rdu baton: may 1, 2013

This year, my birthday was pretty awesome. Mainly because y'all made it fabulous & because I got to do what I love all day (make pretty photographs...duh)! I held the RDU Baton instagram account, a collaborative photo project held by the wonderful people of the Triangle to let the world see how AWESOME the Triangle-area of N.C. is! I didn't have an unusually eventful day, but worked to make all my shots count! It's definitely nice to have a challenge when shooting since I haven't had that since the good ol' days of Pat the photo professor! I included the original captions beneath each photo for y'all. You can sign up to hold the baton here. Also, if interested, all shots are iPhone and I use a diverse group of photo apps and textures: Mexturespictwopictapgovscocamsnapspeed, and squaready (although this is just a handful of what populates my 2 "photo folders" on my phone).


Hello RDU! I’m Lauren V. Allen, a local photographer based out of chapel hill! I’m also a high school photography teacher at Northern High in Durham. I always start my mornings off really early, around 6:45, at work with a cup of coffee in my “great mustaches” mug! #chapelhill #durham #latergram by @viedfinder / on Instagram http://instagram.com/p/YxR9cGjh-z/



My intermediate photography class at #Northern decided it was best to do a crazy class picture! These kids are the next movers and shakers of the photography world and have quite the eye for it! They are my #durham #babyphotoninjaz! check out my blog, viedfinder.com for some upcoming class galleries! Photo by @viedfinder / on Instagram http://instagram.com/p/Yxei5ejh8l/



I’d like to thank @google for making this girl happy with a #google #doodle! By @viedfinder #techgeek / on Instagram http://instagram.com/p/YyKKEMDh55/



I’m always lovingly greeted home by my sweet yorkie, Eloise. Today she fought over a new hair bow while barking at our neighbors at the bus stop. She thinks she’s the biggest dog in all of #chapelhill. Photo by @viedfinder #adventuresofeloise / on Instagram http://instagram.com/p/YyOUsSDhwP/



So freaking excited for my birthday present & good company! I sure do love my husband & his memory of my favorite color :)! #chapelhill photo by @viedfinder / on Instagram http://instagram.com/p/YySIowjh11/



Fresh cut lines for my favorite #chapelhill @thetopofthehill knock-off: Kansas City Ice Water! Love dinner parties! Photo by @viedfinder / on Instagram http://instagram.com/p/YyXa2DDh9O/



Confetti cupcakes with great friends are better than confetti cupcakes alone #ftw. It’s been a great day with you lovely North Carolinians! Couldn’t have had a better social media birthday:) now to spend my time with friends and the hubs! Be on the lookout for Emily @mlelynn and her day with the baton! #chapelhill by @viedfinder / on Instagram http://instagram.com/p/YyjBqBjh9K/


Thanks for all the well wishes! Such a great way to start off a new year!