It has been way too long! Between finishing up furniture, packing for my junior year of college (I'm getting so old, sheesh), working at The Daily Tar Heel and shooting for class, I don't know where the last almost-2 months has gone. Phew! First photo project done and lots of media law to read, but figured a good few shots from some film I've had for a while would make a good 2 a.m. procrastination post!

The view from Everett during a gorgeous early spring sunset.

Nutella filled croissants in Rome.

The best grapes in the world are from this stand. Just watch out for the seeds. They get you every time.

I love this gate in Piazza Navona.

Best light in the world! And cute old guys in stripes.

Jerry not thrilled he is in a picture. Little does he know it's my favorite picture of him ever.

Dad's old camera manual. Look at that beard.

Some medium format from my Diana f+. Just some cool daisies.

Teething, perhaps?

You're upside down, Wyatt.

Mom's treasures from England.

Okay, well I had a hard time picking "just a few." Give me a break. It's 2:36 a.m.

Updates from cool projects soon...I promise!