england & ireland: pt. 1.



Hello lovely blog readers! It's been a good while, but alas, all photos & film from England & Ireland are edited, imaged, & ready for you to see. Sorry to those I made wait, but you don't have to anymore! This summer, I traveled abroad with Jerry's family after getting back from Texas the day before. Head's up, traveling 8,000 miles in 3 days is exhausting, but it was an experience that I wouldn't give up for anything!  Basically, London pounced on me this summer! Between the Jubilee & the Royal Baby, London was one crazy busy city in July that surprised me out of nowhere! Between school, graduation, Journalism Camp, then traveling to Texas, then back to NC, then overseas, I'm still not sure I've had a chance to take a breath since last summer, let alone be prepared to welcome a Royal Baby! Either way, I couldn't be more blessed to travel the world & take my cameras along with me.

For all you photo nerds out there, this summer, I stuck with my 3 best friends, my D800 & my dad's trusty ol' Nikon FM & my handy dandy iphone. I decided to try my hand at more color film this summer along with my black & white, so for all you film nerds out there, TMAX 400 & Fuji Pro 400h are what you'll see (although the pro 400h doesn't come in until Ireland).


Breakfast tea & dropped scones served in only the shiniest of silver at Browns Hotel.


Green Park & Harrods: two of my favorite London places to explore.


The days after the Jubilee, Carnaby Place stayed decorated in sequined Union Jacks.


Jubilee flags grace the streets of London.


From the top of the London Eye.


Anxiously awaiting the Royal Baby's grand entrance into the world!


The clock wall in the Kitchen Supplies section of Harrods.


Exploring the Supreme Court.



King's Cross Station...


...& then this happened (me, not Jerry)! Off to Hogwarts I go!!





More chocolate...Just can't ever get enough of this stuff. Followed by some night shots of the city!



20130804_allen_ireland-372i And if you want my play-by-play of the city, go head over to my instagram account, @viedfinder, to view these pictures in a not so tiny way! london insta dip

My day with Uncle Dana & Aunt Lin is up tomorrow! Get ready for some really awesome 900-year-old English pubs!

best of the herald-sun (pt. 3)

Netta Yerushalmy from Doug Varone and Dancers, dances during a performance of Chapters of a Broken Novel. The show was constructed from a collection of quotes from different types of media and is meant to be viewed as either individual pieces or a full-length work. Doug Varone and Dancers are in Durham as part of the American Dance Festival. Chapters of a Broken Novel were performed at the Reynolds Industries Theatre in the Bryan Center at Duke University on Monday, July 11, 2011. (The Herald-Sun | Lauren A. Vied)

Part three of my Herald-Sun series takes part mostly when interns got to rule the photo department. Pretty awesome I shall say. Because not only did we rule, Harry Potter 7.2 came out, temperatures busted into the 100s and Durham practically melted. Although shooting inside for the American Dance Festival  and butter beer from the Harry Potter Party at the Southwest Regional Library kept me from melting after double heat features (feature pictures illustrating extreme heat; usually include pools, kids, sweat and old folks) attacked!

Summer swimmers take a break in extreme heat after lots of play in the water park at the Charlotte and Dick Levin Jewish Community Center on Monday, July 11, 2011. (The Herald-Sun | Lauren A. Vied)

A caterpillar blends in as it travels through the completely organic garden at Threshold, a clubhouse model rehabilitation center, in Durham on Friday, July 8, 2011. (The Herald-Sun | Lauren A. Vied)

William Sutcliffe, far left, makes polyjuice potion with his brother, Robert, far right, while Amy Godfrey, dressed as "Nymphadora Tonks," and Finny Lorenz, dressed as "Draco Malfoy," direct the potion making at the Harry Potter party at the Southwest Regional Library in Durham on Wednesday, July 13, 2011. (The Herald-Sun | Lauren A. Vied)

Henry Brown, dressed as the infamous "Harry Potter," play the "Bertie Botts Beans" trivia game Harry Potter party at the Southwest Regional Library in Durham on Wednesday, July 13, 2011. Contestants won jelly beans based on the "Bertie Botts Beans" candy from the books. (The Herald-Sun | Lauren A. Vied)

I love how Henry Brown in this last shot looks just like Harry Potter in The Sorcerer's Stone! Watch out Daniel Radcliffe! Until next time...Ciao!