the terrible two's & a peek.

¡Feliz cumpleaños a la Viedfinder!


In 2009, I started this blog, cool name and all (at least I think it's cool & clever), as a way to keep myself motivated to shoot. But also as a way to connect with people, show them the stories of those I've worked with, and to keep transparency while I'm in the midst of shooting large projects, in which, I typically fall off the face of the earth. Sorry 'bout that. I hope that over the last two years, you all have enjoyed my images, the stories I helped to tell, and all the people behind this blog, not just myself.

As I go into my terrible two's, I leave a sneak peek still image of my upcoming documentary in hopes that the future leads to more posts and more stories to visually show and tell.

So to all my viewers, thank you all for the motivation, praise and help to keep me going! :)