labor day holiday.

Over Labor Day weekend, I traveled to the land of golf-carts and mosquitos. Never traveling to Bald Head Island before, I got to see Old Baldy, eat Nye's Cream Sandwiches, and travel on a ferry from a marina that operated like an airport. We also came across a sand-o-pus, with criss-crossing tentacles might I add. I took a 35mm Nikon FM (still waiting to finish the roll) and my iPhone, in which I stuck with Instagram. Hoping to capture the feel of the island, I stuck with clean and simple shots.

sea fans and starfish

Hurrican Irene, which hit the N.C. coast the previous weekend had left a lot of interesting items on the beach. Sea fans, starfish, and driftwood were abundant, but so were sunglasses, goggles, and beer cans (keep the beach clean!).

seaweed antlers

We could even make antlers out of antler-like seaweed!

 As a lover of trees, I loved the all the crooked branches and trunks. Oh hey, Old Baldy! I officially think I've seen all the N.C. lighthouses now.

The dunes near The Shoals were beautiful and I've recently grown fond of the dune grass. I love how you can see the storm coming into shore as well.

And of course, when we got back to Goldsboro, it was time to celebrate Mom's birthday!

mom's birthday

Hope your Labor Day holiday was fabulous!