Cavatelli No. 3


Cavatelli No. 3

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Nora, Mexico

Pressing her thumbs against a wooden pasta board and molding ricotta-dough into tiny shells, Nora meditates on her mother’s recent passing.

“What worries me most is that if I ever go back, I’ll walk into the house expecting her to be there, forgetting she is not.”

She keeps pushing pasta down the board, every second a quick rhythm coaxing her feelings into words that she says out loud for the first time. But like her hilarious jokes and playful teasing, she delivers the heavy emotion in stride.

For more than a decade, Nora has worked in local restaurant kitchens. She especially loves her Italian job. "No hay distinción a nadie," she says. Everyone is treated the same.

The unsolicited moment over cavatelli with Nora inspired this project.

Words by Victoria Bouloubasis.

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