Poké Bowl No. 3


Poké Bowl No. 3

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Poké Bowl

Abdulmouin, Syria

Abdulmouin was 22 years old when he opened his first restaurant. He learned how to cook as a young child in Homs, Syria, dicing vegetables at his mother’s feet. Those early knife skills helped develop his niche as a swift, meticulous chef.

The Syrian civil war began in March 2011. Abdulmouin left for Saudi Arabia that September, cooking his way toward an opportunity for his family to join him. "But when we spoke on the phone," he remembers, "I would hear gunfire in the background. I went back to protect them. And when I got back to Syria, it was impossible for me to leave." Live fire and tanks plowed through Homs. He sought asylum with his wife and four children, and they all arrived to Durham in 2016.

"It was hard thinking about coming [here], because of what we've been seeing and hearing.” He remembers watching news reports of gang and gun violence in the United States, which worried him. Now he can laugh about it, blaming the mafia movies he watched.

The chef’s dream is to open a shawarma place in Durham, with his home spice rack stacked with spices imported from the Middle East. He loves his job and his employer--he just doesn’t care much for raw fish.

Words by Victoria Bouloubasis.

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