Dim Sum No. 1


Dim Sum No. 1

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Dim Sum

Chun, China

Paola, Honduras

Bianca, Mexico

This is Paola’s first job in the States, where she’s lived less than two years. For a young mother like her, it’s a great job. She works mornings on the dumpling line with her sister-in-law, who is also from Honduras. One day she hopes to learn enough English to go back to school. In Honduras, she worked a part-time job while studying to be an architect. (“No one has ever asked me about this,” she says.)  But the money barely covered her tuition. She couldn’t afford to live.

Bianca chimes in, relaying how in Mexico you barely earn in a week what you can earn here in a day. She was born in the States, but grew up in oceanside Colima her entire life. In 2017, Colima experienced the highest rate of homicide in the country, increasing three-fold even as the least populous state.

Chun, head dim sum chef from Shanghai, China, says her “dim sum girls” give her joy and that they work faster than she ever could. They all appreciate the encouragement, though still prefer to eat tamales and tajadas over xiao long bao and scallion pancake.

Words by Victoria Bouloubasis.

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